A good team shapes innovation

Our multidisciplinary team brings the expertise necessary to study innovation from different points of view.

CEO and founder of IN society; she has a strong record in empowering innovators to successfully transfer disruptive technology to innovative products/services.


Laura Martinelli


Background in university didactics; she is currently supporting the project management area. At IN since 2019.


Paulina Piotrowicz

Project Manager

Open science enthusiast with a background in computational biology & science communication; she is responsible for the stakeholder engagement area. At IN since 2016.

#SciComm #Infographics#Co-creation

Michela Candotti

Science Communication Manager

Has a background in neuroscience and visual design. As a science communicator, he is interested in creating content and messages accessible to all. At IN since 2022.

#ContentCreation #DesignThinking #EditorialStrategy

Diogo Matias

Junior Science Communication Specialist

Supporting the translation of EU science into innovation. Francesco has a background in business management and economics. At IN since 2020.


Francesco Pascolo

Technology Analyst

Environmental engineer with a passion for sustainability. He's responsible for measuring the integrated sustainability (environmental, economic & social) of innovations. At IN since 2020.


Mirko Busto

Integrated Life Cycle Assessment

Antonella is collecting, tracking, and correcting the company's finances. At IN since 2018.


Antonella Angeli


Background in marketing and communication; she is currently supporting meetings, events organisation, and office management. At IN since 2023.


Elisa Beltramini

Office Manager

Our values drive our company.

We contribute to the recognition of innovation as a complex social process central to a sustainable future.

The distributed nature of knowledge in today's world requires a more decentralised and participatory approach to innovation.

We believe in open innovation, in which traditional public-private boundaries are crossed to encourage the flow of new ideas.


build a dialogue, respect differences


adapt to user needs


in search of new solutions and skills

A network suitable for all situations

To meet the different demands and needs of each individual project, over the years we have created a network of specialists with whom we regularly collaborate in areas outside our core.

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