Stakeholder engagement

Build innovation according to the the needs & expectations of key actors

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Consult, involve, and inform the public and all the relevant stakeholders with an anticipatory approach that builds trust on innovation and favours its uptake.

We identify and reach out to all stakeholders associated with the value chain of emerging technologies. According to the living-lab approach, we help to co-create and test new solutions with the participation and feedback of a diverse group of users, stakeholders, and partners, including the general public.

It takes work to innovate

What we do

  • Stakeholder Mapping

    We identify and categorise all stakeholders interested in the emerging technology to assess how those interests can be addressed in a project.

  • Communication & Dissemination Strategies

    We develop and implement communication and dissemination plans tailored to the needs of the innovation and its stage of development. We establish multichannel strategies adapted to different audiences, with clear key messages and a timetable of actions. Our channels include websites, social media, participation in events and fairs, videos, press releases, etc.

  • Co-creation workshops and engagement activities

    We organise engagement activities designed to bring together key players along the innovation value chain and ensure a mutually valued outcome. Through structured discussion and brainstorming, we bring out ideas which can lead to fruitful partnerships and better outcomes.

  • Public Perception Studies

    We study perceptions of technologies as early as their development phase. We use desk studies, workshops, and surveys to assess perceived risks and benefits and to test appropriate narratives that foster public acceptance.