Creating long-term value through sustainability

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Ex-ante sustainability is our focus, its contribution towards sustainable innovation, our goal.

Sustainability can drive innovation by promoting solutions that reduce negative impacts and shape how key resources are used with a sustainable by -design approach.

It takes work to innovate

What we do

  • Environmental Life Cycle Assessment

    Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as defined by ISO 14040, is the compilation and evaluation of the inputs, outputs and potential environmental impacts of a product system during its life cycle. LCA is a primary tool to support decision-making for sustainable development and to drive innovation towards higher levels of sustainability.

  • Social Life Cycle Assessment

    Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA) is a methodology to assess the social impacts of products and services across their life cycle. S-LCA can identify the social performance of innovations, identify social hot spots and drive improvements.

  • Techno-Economic Assessment

    Techno-Economic Assessment (TEA) is a methodological framework to analyze the technical and economic performance of a process, product or service quantifying the cost of manufacturing and market opportunities. TEA is useful throughout the technology development lifecycle. When considering new ideas, pathways and molecules, innovators can use TEA to assess economic feasibility and potential.

  • Integrated Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment

    We use a methodological framework to integrate the results of individual sustainability assessments (LCA, S-LCA and TEA). It can enhance decision-making, as integrated assessments provide more information than a simple reporting of separate results.