Sustainable Business Models

Start-up are innovation enablers for societally relevant R&D, sustainable business models make it happen.

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To bring innovation to society, public-private synergy is essential; we take an anticipatory approach, based on the principles of Responsible Research Innovation, to promote market pathways relevant to society.

Innovation can be modelled as an evolutionary process in a complex space involving patents, universities, innovators, investors, incumbent companies, and products. We support innovative start-ups, companies and public organisations in developing innovative and sustainable business models.

It takes work to innovate

What we do

  • Business Models

    We offer our expertise in the co-development of sustainable business models for resilient and responsible value creation. We investigate target markets to deliver solid business cases, map competitors to build competitive advantage, analyse value chain interactions to assess the disruptive impact of the technology and engage customers to fully integrate their needs in the process.

  • Patent Analysis

    We couple patent landscaping and competitive intelligence to offer in-depth patent analysis to understand threats and opportunities associated with competitors’ patents. Depending on technology maturity, patent analysis is leveraged for innovation, product development or business strategy.

  • Technology Roadmaps

    We design flexible and long-range technology development planning by matching short-term and long-term technology milestones with environmental, societal and business priorities. Technology roadmapping delivers a strategic tool for designing, coordinating and communicating future technology development activities.