H2020TRL 5-6Aerospace


Next generation ceramic composites for combustion harsh environments and space

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€8 m


1 July 2016


4 years

New ceramic composites for extreme environments

The combination of very high temperatures, corrosive environments and rapid heating-cooling cycles is beyond the capabilities of current aerospace materials. This challenge pushed C³HARME to answer the demand for new advanced materials capable of operating in these harsh conditions. The project is designing, developing, fabricating and testing new ceramic matrix composites capable of self-repairing localised damage that occurs during operation in extreme aerospace environments. C³HARME focuses on near-zero erosion rocket nozzles and near-zero ablation thermal protection systems, enabling hypersonic spacecraft to maintain flight performance. The project's consortium has a balanced mix of scientific expertise and excellence in materials science and modelling, engineering, process technology and industrial scale-up.


Consiglio Nazionale delle RicercheINsocietyThe University of BirminghamFundacion Tecnalia Research & InnovationUniversità degli Studi di Napoli Federico IIDeutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt EVAvio S.p.ANanoker Research, S.LFHP - Frezite High Performance LdaAirbus Defence and Space GmbHThe Provost, Fellows, Foundation Scholars & the Other Members of Board, of the College of the Holy & Undivided Trinity of Queen Elizabeth Near DublinArianeGroup GmbH

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We have broken the record for the thickest disc ever synthesised, with a total height of 160 mm and weight of 11 kg – a benchmark for spark plasma sintering.

Diletta Sciti, CNR-ISTEC